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Do not fear dea…

Do not fear death, fear its nemesis: life… Or, rather, fear wasting it.
Life should be your true enemy. It is wrought with agony, suffering, a lack of fairness and justice, bickering, hate, loss, and misery. Death might relieve you of these things — but if you turn these negatives around, you’ll find: happiness, the joy of helping, charity, knowledge, understanding, love, gain, and possibility.

I always kind of scoffed at duality until I honestly embraced my solitude and began understanding things outside of the somewhat negative perspective I’d disguised and falsely titled ‘realistic’. I’m not an optimist, nor an opportunist, nor a pessimist. Maybe I have finally become a realist by living by example.

I’ve begun to take my own advice, which released me and freed me from restraints of perpetual, repeated mistakes that I was too stubborn to acknowledge as just that. I hated when people constantly fell back into the same bad habits, or kept stabbing the fork in the socket even if it kept shocking them, or those who’d cut off their nose despite their face.

I am growing more comfortable and while I still stress, overanalyze, experience loneliness, sadness, hopelessness… It is a lot less often. I’m more commonly washed with contentment or a positive indifference. I don’t know if I could call myself ‘sage’, but I’d like to become a genuinely easy going person. I’m getting there, definitely.