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Slampire Geekend

Yesterday, my friend Kateri asked me to accompany her to see Beach House and Vampire Weekend at the Saint Augustine Amphitheater. Her husband had to work and was sick for a few days, so skipping on work last night would’ve made him feel bad.

I like Vampire Weekend, but really, I like Kateri because she was one of my first friends when moving here. She’s been kind of an inspiration to me to grow up too. She got her BA in economics, got married, bought a house, and has been self-reliant for a few years now. She goes on international vacations a lot to interesting places like Africa and Vietnam. In a way, she has shown me that there is more to enjoy than just bars and such… Though that was she and I’s routine years ago.

I opened my windows today to let in a nice breeze while I work on my psychology paper on why personality disorders are generally considered untreatable. I can hear the golfers at the golf course my room is across from (there is a pond between the hole and my room so I luckily haven’t had any golf ball to the window incidents) arguing, cussing, cheering and what not depending on how their par is today.

It’s interesting. I wonder if they think about what I’m doing in here, typing so diligently — or if they even notice/can see me?

Hunk hunt.

Tonight is the Tsi-chedellic party at TSI! So stoked to dress like a mod and gawk at boys dressed like mods. Can’t deny can’t deny can’t deny.

I can look and not touch!

Remember Beanie Babies being cool? Me neither.

I don’t really have much to blog about. Well, I guess I do because I’m insanely busy now with a thousand projects (well, school, jobs, projects, and my ever enticing and alluring nemesis: sleep) but I don’t know where to begin.

If you haven’t noticed, I have taken up/started dabbling in DJing. Nothing fancy with beat matching or remixes, but just playing music. So far, I really enjoy it but I more experience. I beat matched well a couple times on Tuesday, but most of what I play doesn’t require it (oldies, britpop, garage rock, punk, etc). I guess when Paul Pop! DJed, it left a real lasting impression. I consider myself a self-professed protege of his, even though he hasn’t really shown me diddly squat (he doesn’t DJ anymore, so sad!). It’s all a matter of playing things people will like and of course, what I’m comfortable with and want to play too. I never realized how difficult it was until recently.

My Punk Rock Prom still seems to be garnering attention. It’s over at TSI now. It’ll be a lot of fun. I’m really, really excited to see how it goes. I like having it at TSI because I am friends with the owners/staff and it’s a lot more comfortable for me to book events with their help. I hope to continue doing this kind of stuff (events, djing, etc) because I like creative expression and people having fun. I am afraid I’ll get popular though. I know, sounds silly… But I know with notoriety comes reputation and with reputation comes rumors and lies and haters. I’m a sensitive Sally and am not looking for that in my life, yanno?

I still keep pressing myself to try to be creative. I’d love to have an art show in February of ’11. That gives me time to get things together… Maybe.

As far as college, it’s going well. I just wish I hadn’t taken a full load of classes through summer. I don’t really get any breaks. I’m constantly studying or doing homework in what little free-time I have. I think I need to stop dabbling in every possible thing and just focus for a while on myself after PRP though I never seem to do well at following my own instruction or anything. Whatever, I’m silly I guess.

Um, nothing else is new.


In an hour

I’m DJing tonight at Jacksonville’s Ocean Club Liquor Store. No cover, must be 21 to enter! ENJOY ROK’N RAYGUN!

On Thursday night, I will be at TSI djing during Channel Thursdays.

Friday at TSI, I will also be djing on Friday with Liam Happenstance after Hot Mess and Dub Theorist rip out your ears and fill the holes with electrojoy.

Dive for your memory

I’m pretty sure I haven’t been sober since Friday around noon, and that I have spent more time sober than I should have to find fault for indecision. You know, things like binging for 3 days and ending that binging cycle at Crunchay Sundays at TSI where you find yourself abruptly surrounded by ravers and beach-bros alike (Ocean Club is the other way, guys). And house music where every hit of the bass, you feel a palpitation.

And of course, some of the most amazing friends ever.

PS. Watching Vlad dance can fix any ailments ever. I don’t mean this sexually either.

PPS. Is my inebriation obvious?

prrrt, we says.

life is pretty all right lately. wish the college wouldn’t make it so hard to increase my loan amounts. i also wish my book spending limit pre-disbursement wasn’t only 400 dollars considering my books are adding up to nearly 500.

higher education is an expensive endeavor. it makes me want to be a locksmith. i locked my keys in the car the other day. took the guy all of 30 seconds to get them out and i proceeded to hand over 40 bucks. i know plenty of it goes back to the company he worked for, but i can’t imagine he’s not making a killing fixing people’s mistakes. it’s a common mistake too, from what i gather from my friends. or maybe we’re all unintelligent twits?

on the bright side, i really like my classes and professors so far. i’m thrilled at the prospect of having the classes i have this semester (cultural anthropology, biology lab, eng (writing about non-fic). i’ve already made a pseudo-quasi-friend in my english class. his name is michael, but he told the professor it was ian. then we made jokes about being ‘pro-abortion’. i love offensive folks.

i also have this to look forward to hosting:

i hope to see a lot of my friends there. that means you or it might not mean you. whatever.