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Paper cut on a minor artery thus I’m bleeding nuances.

As usual, I’ve neglected my blog. I am only really inspired to write in here at the moment because I had a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a few weeks (actually, maybe it was months) ask me what was new and I wasn’t really sure. I mean, I guess taking more classes at school has hindered my creative expression a bit as I am not drawing, writing or blogging as regularly as I used to (nor am I partying, promoting, DJing or hustlin’ as often). I really like everything going on right now as far as my life though… I think I do, at least.

My hair is getting long again! CELEBRATE.

I am taking 15 credits which includes 2 labs (Anatomy and Physiology and Biology), introduction to drawing, and Intermediate Algebra (a prep class since I am seriously terrible at Algebra). I feel good taking this much work on even though I get really lazy sometimes and don’t dedicate myself to homework as much as I have in the past. Part of the reason is because I’m trying to manage my ADHD with exercise and diet. It’s harder than you’d think, too… Reminding myself/motivating myself to go exercise every day is really not working out well but I don’t have the finances or desire to continue being medicated. The anxiety that my meds ended up giving me was just too much to handle. Any of the SSRI’s the doctor tried to put me on to counter it would either increase it or make me so tired and apathetic that there was no point and my doctor didn’t want to put me on anything like xanax, valium, etc (which I respect her opinions on benzos).

I thought drawing class would leave me inspired. I can already feel that it’s improved my skills in just a few classes, but I don’t feel inspired still. Whoops, oh well. A&P and Biology have almost identical chapters right now (1-4 in both classes are sooo similar) so studying is easy to condense and Intermediate Algebra.. I don’t even know what the fuck is up with that class. We work at our own pace, get lectured maybe once or twice a month tops, and still have to attend the class. It’s like an ass backwards distance learning class.

I’ve got one of my best friends attending the same campus as I do so we hang out between classes on Tues and Thurs which is aaaaawesome. Her name is Rachel and she’s AMAZING AS SHIT. I love her!

I’m also currently in a relationship with a guy named Matt. He’s great, just so y’all know. He lives right by campus too so I go there in between classes and he feeds me coffee and we watch Netflix and that is awesome. I bring Rachel with me sometimes and then we all sit in his room and watch ridiculous documentaries on really folks that are right out of Deliverance, Alabama folklore.


Other than that, I seriously have nothing to discuss. I’m sorry I’ve become so boring. I know I’ve got plenty of free time that I could blog, draw, write, knit, crochet or sew but I’m always so exhausted and my ADHD has it’s inattentive-type claws deep in my brain.

Here are some pictures I drew a few weeks ago while battling insomnia:
how I react to hot dudes
for my friend cash.

Such that is life… But I gotta get ready for the Envy Awards at TSI tonight.


Then I say something stupid like “I want another whiskey-ginger.”

My friends think my life is like a movie.

I don’t think I agree, but I guess there could be a climax/ending coming eventually.

Anyway, I’m working on getting some of my ethics papers published. I might post some of the lesser orchestrated ones on here soon. My semester is almost over which should give me some time to re-examine how I’m allotting my time which means I might be better at blogging.

Or not?

Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing to Fuck With

Last night, I saw Inspektah Deck and Masta Killa of the Wu Tang Clan. I was excited because, well, I like the Wu Tang Clan. I think that Inspektah Deck has one of the best rhymes to ever exist in Killer Bees:

I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies and hypothesis can’t define how I be droppin’ these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery.

I paid 20 dollars to see them (More than 10 bucks for festivals? Yes. Shows? No.) and I even stood in the front for the majority of the set and danced as best as my tiny booty would let me to rap music… I sang along and I was thrilled about Inspektah Deck. But, yeah, things didn’t stay awesome.

I know MCs and rappers will rib their DJs sometimes but last night was ridiculous. I’ve been to hip hop shows. I’m not some tender baby who is overreacting. See, Ian/DJ Triclops isn’t their DJ. He’s a local bar and venue owner, DJ, producer, business owner, and local icon for creative movements and everybody in Jax respects him. Their DJ, or at least the one listed on the flyer that they sent to be handed out, didn’t even fucking show up.

So what do these two professional, experienced and FAMOUS rappers do?

They give Ian a burned CD (didn’t even have BACKTRACKING on it) and would tell him when to switch the fucking song on stage. The fucking CD was scratched up and their tour guy even took the CD at one point and had to blow on it and was trying to get SHIT OFF OF THE CD.

But instead of apologizing for their irresponsibility, Masta Killa begins slamming Ian. Ian, who booked them when nobody south of Washington DC would book them. Ian, who paid most of their expenses out of his own pocket. Ian, who was doing the best he could to work with their shitty ass music set up…. Is told by Masta Killa in front of an audience who supports, loves and respect Ian, that he is going to get slapped for not DJing well enough.


My friend Kyle (who is in Ian’s DJ group Big Buck$ Crew) is a big black man and he puffed up from the back entrance of the stage and I saw everybody tell him to calm down. I honestly almost thought I would say something or do something (I joked with Kyle and Ian after that I was going to pretend to be a crazy, cracked out white girl until they realized I was Iranian and arrested me for terrorism). Ian isn’t someone I’m particularly close to, but the attitude of Masta Killa was completely unbelievable. Inspektah Deck gave Ian a little ribbing but nothing major. As soon as Killa was on stage, Deck seemed to quiet himself and grow passive to Killa.

Not saying that with a nickname like Masta Killa you’re probably sane, yanno.

Soon, it was obvious that the others who tour with WTC (some guy who went by Lyrics, I think, and was driving their bus and had a few short minutes prior to Wu’s set where he’d spit) and the guy who spit with Deck while Killa wasn’t around (and he wasn’t for the first 2 songs and the last 2 songs, iirc) were apologizing to Ian during the set. Kyle was off the stage and AWOL. Ian was trying really hard to keep his cool, and I found myself sinking further back from the stage and eventually just spent the last portion in the venue’s dj booth (my old stomping grounds as I used to and on occasion still spin there).

Afterward, I saw my friend Trinity head upstairs to the WTC guys were hanging out after the show. She had her one hitter with good quality chronic and wanted to smoke them out (who wouldn’t?). She came down the stairs looking livid, shouting something about “the Wu Tang assholes can’t even handle me.” Later, she explained to me that they took a look at her one hitter, said it looked like a “crack pipe” and laughed in her face saying they only smoked blunts and didn’t trust her ass.

I guess I thought that after the years of being the Wu Tang, knowing how much of an influence your music is, swearing that you are repping real hip-hop, saying on stage repeatedly that you don’t care if you’re playing to 10 or 10,000 people could be such shitty people. I mean, they were talking about ODB, giving the stand-in DJ (who fucking paid you and you treated like shit) a dirty, scratched up burned fucking cd and in the long run? They ended up being unappreciative asshole shithead bums (MK in Timbalands and a Gilligan hat, no less) who insulted the man who paid them, the crowd that paid more money than they should have, insulted someone who wanted to smoke them out with better chronic than the shit regs they were smoking.

If I could say anything to them… Well,

Masta Killa: You can be tough as nails, have a great flow, be a Wu Tang family member but you don’t have to be a dick to the people who support you and have supported you. I hope you know that 99% of WTC’s songs would have been just as good and just as successful without you. You’re a dick and a has-been who is trying to rep Wu-Tang as hard as you can while people like Method Man and Ghostface don’t need to cling onto the family as hard as you do. Probably because they aren’t such insufferable cocks. Also, for being such an experience thuggish ruggish G, you automatically assuming a one hitter is a crack pipe even after it’s been shown to hold fine nugs is ridiculous. I wish you had stayed home and taken care of your grill and let a cardboard cut out of ODB with a tape recorder glued behind its head play rather than your shit ass.

Inspektah Deck: On stage, you were passionate, you interacted with the audience, you ribbed the DJ just an acceptable and expected amount. You are incredible at your art and I would love to see you with Ghostface or Method or Raekwon the Chef or any of the other living members of the family.

I’m terribly sorry this is so long but I am whole-heartedly disappointed in Masta Killa and the Wu right now. It feels like part of my hip-hop heart has cracked.

Cleft Gallop

This is my good friend Kat dressed as Catwoman. That is me in the leopard print skirt.

Homework is beating my ass and has slaughtered my social life.

The Poet’s Dream

weirdos, ellen, weirdos!

My classes for next semester are registered and paid for. This is the earliest and smoothest process I’ve experienced so far with FSCJ! 15 credits: Algebra, biology, anatomy and drawing. I am going to be a busy mother fucker and am on campus the majority of the week (M, T, W, TH) for the morning and early afternoon. Most of them are labs aside from math, so it really is beneficial for me not to take them online. I learned my lesson a while ago not to take labs online, ugh.

I don’t have anything else to say. *Bell Chime* Suck a dick, Pavlov.

Other People’s Property.


I know I said I’d update more, and I am honestly intent on doing so. I think about blogging A LOT. At least once a day, but I usually lack the time or inspiration.

The image above is the reason why. I’m taking Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Psychology and Western Civilization Since 1589. I didn’t think it was that much of a workload, but it’s a shorter semester so it can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve got a lot of reports due, for example, by the 20th of this month. Why the 20th of this month? I don’t know. Maybe all 3 professors got together and realized I needed a kick in the pants.

Last Friday, one of my best friends, Kat, and I made 6 flavors of cupcakes in a matter of 4 hours for a show/event I’d put together for a local club (TSI discotechque). They were a hit! We made: French toast with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon sprinkles, vanilla with butter cream frosting and blue raspberry sugar sprinkles, vegan chocolate with a chocolate glaze, banana bread with cinnamon-sugar frosting, vanilla with chocolate fudge frosting and lemon cupcakes with vanilla-lemon frosting. We had some left over, but we’re talking about making a little baking company since they were such a hit.

It was fun! I got to see my friends, give out sugary sweet treats, listen to Thee Crucials and the F*N Heartbreaks from ATL, and the Mondellos who reunited for it! It was also my good friend Jason’s going away party. It was a blast nonetheless.

I am such a sucker for sloppy rock and roll, drunken antics and amazing people.

Boohoo. Boohoo.

Oh, for fuck’s sake I know I said I’d be blogging daily but guess what? My primary form of photo-taking shitted out on me and I had to wait for T-mobile to alleviate my crisis. I had to be practically Amish for 2 days. My phone was dead! I had to talk to people on the internet more than I really wanted to. It’s amazing how useful direct messages on twitter are though.

Anyway, so, I’m starting today with the picture posting shit. These two pictures are from the other night when I received my thinkgeek order. My pseudo-quasi mom got me a $25 dollar gift certificate and I bought myself these two lovely plushies which are sitting happy on my desk at home.

I named them Phil the brain cell (my new drinking buddy, obviously) and the other one is just a small Chewbacca. I love Star Wars. I figure I am one step closer to having myself my own scruffy nerf herder.

In other news, I’m begging to think that do to, err, some of my partying last week (my birthday week was splendid! fabulous! mentally and physically exhausting in the best ways possible!), I’ve come through the other side of said week a different person. I feel differently, I think differently, I process things differently. In a good way? I don’t know. I consider it good that I am processing at all. I’m not slower than I was. Just… Different. What can I say? Chemicals alter things. Especially when being taken, errr, not by prescription. Especially things that aren’t manufactured, eh? Catching my drift here? I AIN’T SAYIN’ NOTHIN’!

I’d like to take a moment to say RIP Greg Giraldo. May your body give all the worms and insects that ingest it the best shits of their lives.