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Surround the house with the dead!

You know, it has definitely been an interesting few weeks, I’d say.

I kind of landed a job-thing-ish with a photographer: ( I modeled for him for the first time last Saturday. I’d never modeled before, let alone for him. I ended up gallivanting around his studio and he was impressed by what I ended up looking like in the photos. I then collaborated with him with a model. She was impressed by what I’d done, and he liked my ideas. He offered me a position to collab and assist him whenever possible, as well as model. I am flattered that I made such a good impression. I honestly didn’t do anything but be myself. Who else or what else could I be? I’ve never been good at faking.

Anyway, I’m really flattered to be offered this position. So far, I adore what I’ve gotten to help with. It’s fun. I love being creative. I don’t feel like I’m going to end up getting an ego from this, but just a lot of joy. I hope so. If I end up not seeming as humble, please, feel free to smack the living hell out of me until I recall how human I am. Seriously.

Here is an image from the set that everybody really loves:

So if any of you from Jacksonville, Florida would like some photography done, do feel free to hit me up as I’ll be doing some photography work with John as well.