When I was little someone pointed out to me.

I’m going to start making weekly mixes and posting them up here. It’s easier to do than update with a picture every day.

Here is an old(ish) mix I made to start you all off on the right track! Get it? “Haha” Shut up.

http://www.mediafire.com/?mnztmugwniw !!!

(Includes: jj, the Mummies, Jejune, Skint and Demoralized, more)

Cleft Gallop

This is my good friend Kat dressed as Catwoman. That is me in the leopard print skirt.

Homework is beating my ass and has slaughtered my social life.

Slampire Geekend

Yesterday, my friend Kateri asked me to accompany her to see Beach House and Vampire Weekend at the Saint Augustine Amphitheater. Her husband had to work and was sick for a few days, so skipping on work last night would’ve made him feel bad.

I like Vampire Weekend, but really, I like Kateri because she was one of my first friends when moving here. She’s been kind of an inspiration to me to grow up too. She got her BA in economics, got married, bought a house, and has been self-reliant for a few years now. She goes on international vacations a lot to interesting places like Africa and Vietnam. In a way, she has shown me that there is more to enjoy than just bars and such… Though that was she and I’s routine years ago.

I opened my windows today to let in a nice breeze while I work on my psychology paper on why personality disorders are generally considered untreatable. I can hear the golfers at the golf course my room is across from (there is a pond between the hole and my room so I luckily haven’t had any golf ball to the window incidents) arguing, cussing, cheering and what not depending on how their par is today.

It’s interesting. I wonder if they think about what I’m doing in here, typing so diligently — or if they even notice/can see me?

The Poet’s Dream

weirdos, ellen, weirdos!

My classes for next semester are registered and paid for. This is the earliest and smoothest process I’ve experienced so far with FSCJ! 15 credits: Algebra, biology, anatomy and drawing. I am going to be a busy mother fucker and am on campus the majority of the week (M, T, W, TH) for the morning and early afternoon. Most of them are labs aside from math, so it really is beneficial for me not to take them online. I learned my lesson a while ago not to take labs online, ugh.

I don’t have anything else to say. *Bell Chime* Suck a dick, Pavlov.

Other People’s Property.


I know I said I’d update more, and I am honestly intent on doing so. I think about blogging A LOT. At least once a day, but I usually lack the time or inspiration.

The image above is the reason why. I’m taking Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Psychology and Western Civilization Since 1589. I didn’t think it was that much of a workload, but it’s a shorter semester so it can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve got a lot of reports due, for example, by the 20th of this month. Why the 20th of this month? I don’t know. Maybe all 3 professors got together and realized I needed a kick in the pants.

Last Friday, one of my best friends, Kat, and I made 6 flavors of cupcakes in a matter of 4 hours for a show/event I’d put together for a local club (TSI discotechque). They were a hit! We made: French toast with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon sprinkles, vanilla with butter cream frosting and blue raspberry sugar sprinkles, vegan chocolate with a chocolate glaze, banana bread with cinnamon-sugar frosting, vanilla with chocolate fudge frosting and lemon cupcakes with vanilla-lemon frosting. We had some left over, but we’re talking about making a little baking company since they were such a hit.

It was fun! I got to see my friends, give out sugary sweet treats, listen to Thee Crucials and the F*N Heartbreaks from ATL, and the Mondellos who reunited for it! It was also my good friend Jason’s going away party. It was a blast nonetheless.

I am such a sucker for sloppy rock and roll, drunken antics and amazing people.

Boohoo. Boohoo.

Oh, for fuck’s sake I know I said I’d be blogging daily but guess what? My primary form of photo-taking shitted out on me and I had to wait for T-mobile to alleviate my crisis. I had to be practically Amish for 2 days. My phone was dead! I had to talk to people on the internet more than I really wanted to. It’s amazing how useful direct messages on twitter are though.

Anyway, so, I’m starting today with the picture posting shit. These two pictures are from the other night when I received my thinkgeek order. My pseudo-quasi mom got me a $25 dollar gift certificate and I bought myself these two lovely plushies which are sitting happy on my desk at home.

I named them Phil the brain cell (my new drinking buddy, obviously) and the other one is just a small Chewbacca. I love Star Wars. I figure I am one step closer to having myself my own scruffy nerf herder.

In other news, I’m begging to think that do to, err, some of my partying last week (my birthday week was splendid! fabulous! mentally and physically exhausting in the best ways possible!), I’ve come through the other side of said week a different person. I feel differently, I think differently, I process things differently. In a good way? I don’t know. I consider it good that I am processing at all. I’m not slower than I was. Just… Different. What can I say? Chemicals alter things. Especially when being taken, errr, not by prescription. Especially things that aren’t manufactured, eh? Catching my drift here? I AIN’T SAYIN’ NOTHIN’!

I’d like to take a moment to say RIP Greg Giraldo. May your body give all the worms and insects that ingest it the best shits of their lives.

The way we sleep all summer

Those are my two favorite images from the photoshoot I did on Sunday evening. It was an interesting event, I do say… As I walked into the building (which had been remodeled since I was there last) to see a petite goth girl sitting naked in a chair. I closed the door and waited for Kat to stop investigating the empty school bus that was in the parking lot. Also, I was surprised by the boobies I had just seen. Kat came over, I warned her and we walked in. I apologized for not knocking or anything and she apologized for her nudity.

Since the remodel, the main door goes RIGHT into the dressing room which is a huge fucking awkward situation waiting to happen, er… Well, it happened for me at least. At least there is an accessible bathroom and shower now.

I painted up my shirt(s). One said HELL YES with an upside cross beneath it and another said Fuck You! with a bullet hole that one of my best friends in the universe, Kat, painted. The Kill Yourself one won out though.

I then experienced what airbrushed make-up feels like, which I’d NEVER had before. It made my skin look incredible but wasn’t very comfortable. I can’t imagine how celebrities feel having to wear that shit for hours and under hot lights. It is dry and even though it didn’t crack or peel, it felt like it should have been. I guess most people have had that done to them but I never have. All things considered, I am not an experienced model by any stretch.

I have decided on something to get this blog a-bustin’ though. I’m going to take on a 365 days project. That’s right! I’m going to blog something every day for a year starting Monday, September 20th (that’s my 25th birthday!). I’m going to post a picture of something I’ve done that day and post it with an entry that is at least 50 words long. I was going to start today but I’m not because this weekend is when I’m celebrating my birthday! That means I’ll be busy with partying since I’m about to cross the bridge from adolescence to adulthood. I think that means my partying will take a decline or at least should.

School starts on the 27th for me so I’ll be sure to post pictures of the ridiculous shit that I do on campus (such as stare at the brick walls that hold me in like a monarchist government).

I’m going to finish doing the deep cleaning I started on my room and read this book that a really amazing guy I’m seeing let me borrow. It’s called The Poisoner’s Handbook and it is about the beginnings of forensic toxicology during the Blues era. I’m not very far into it, but it is BRILLIANT so far. This guy seems to know what I like really well. He’s a chemistry major. I guess I have major chemistry with chemistry majors… Sorry, couldn’t resist that joke.

Here are the other shots from the set, and, yanno, click for bigger versions or whatever:

Check out my photographer at http://john-kester.com and thank you to Jeana Leand for my make-up.